Exclusive OR gate

The exclusive OR gate has a high output only when a odd number of inputs is applied. The logic symbol a truth table is shown below.


1. Parity Checker:

Exclusive OR gate are ideal for checking the parity of a binary number because they produce an output 1 when the input has an odd number of 1S. Therefore, an even parity input to an exclusive OR gate produce a low output to an exclusive OR gate produce a low output while an odd parity produces a high output.

2. Parity Generator:

This figure is called an odd parity generator because it always produces a 9 bit output number with odd parity. If 8 bit input has even parity, a 1 comes out of the invertors to produce a final output with odd parity. On the other hand, if the 8 bit input has odd parity, a 0 comes out of the inverter, and the final 9 bit output again has odd parity.

This note is taken MSC physics, Nepal.