Operation of Master slave JK flip flop System

To begin with the master is positive edge triggered and slave is negative edge triggered. Therefore, master responds to its J and k inputs before the slave.

1. If J=1 and K=0, the master sets on the positive clock transition. The high O output of the master drives the J input of the slave, so on the negative clock , transition, the slave sets copying the action of master.

2. If J=0 and K=1, the master resets on PT(Positive transition) of the clock. The high Q prime output of the master goes to the K input of the slave. Therefore, the NT of the clock forces the slave to reset. Again the slave has copied the master.

3. If the master's J and k inputs are both high, it toggles on the PT of the clock and the slave then toggles on the clock NT. Regardless of the what the master does, therefore, the slave copies it. If master sets, the slave sets, if the master resets, the slave resets.

4. If J=K=0, the flip flop is disabled and Q remains unchanged.