Women Development Society (WODES) and Ban Landmines Campaign Nepal (NCBL) are pleased to introduce “Akshyar” (अक्षर) innovative approach to girls’ education at WODES-NCBL. Unlike our previous model that covered grades one through ten, we now focus on assisting girls in critical need.

In remote Nepali villages, girls still face educational challenges due to parental economic constraints and a lack of awareness about its significance. Some girls go to great lengths, leaving their homes and families forever, to pursue education. We’ve witnessed firsthand the sacrifices made by female students who couldn’t attend school due to household duties, financial struggles, or responsibilities for their younger siblings. Some of them even chose to become nuns in their pursuit of knowledge.

The stories of Matatirtha’s daughters mirror these experiences. WODES-NCBL hosted a program to support 30 nun girls on 13 October 2023. We are truly grateful for the incredible support for the "Akshyar" (अक्षर) Program that enables us to support children in critical need. Stay tuned for updates on our upcoming Akshyar program events.