WODES participated virtual UN SDG Summit 2023 Webinar Series No. 6 - SDGs 11 and 12 – Sustainable Cities & Communities and Responsible Consumption, & Production on 27 April 2023. WODES shared the following experiences.

Problems of urban development in Nepal:

  • Absence of an integrated development plan

  • Lack of coordination of service providers/government authorities/ institutions

  • Extreme politicization in development

  • Lack of prioritization of work

  • When making a five-year strategic plan, lack of survey, lack of data

  • The five-year plan does not match the policies and plans of each year.

  • Not arranging sufficient budget for implementing the policy and plan

  • Low level of awareness of people representing service providers /government authorities/institutions, not paying serious attention to the concept of development and working on impulse

  • Problems such as transparency, accountability, lack of sense of responsibility, widespread corruption can hinder the work of city development.

  • Lack of digitization system

  • Lack of recycling manufactures

WODES also shared the data of death and injuries of road accident.

A total of 2,883 individuals died and 7,282 others were severely injured in around 24,526 road accidents across the country during the last fiscal year 2021/22 reports. (Source: The Rising Nepal).