PWDs/survivors in politics

The Ban Landmines Campaign Nepal (NCBL) have created the '17 points appeal' to draw the attention of the government and to improve accessibility to the victims of landmines and explosives. We have requested the Government to take our voice seriously and implement the 17 points appeal. Among the 17 points, point 11 calls for “Persons injured and disabled by landmines and explosives should be given the opportunity to participate and lead in national and international level programs, development works, and leadership positions of political parties and parliament”, which affected the recent election in a positive way. The statistics of candidates who recently registered for the election show that our appeal has been effective. There are a total of 116 political parties registered for the election, of which 235 candidates are persons with disability including survivors of landmines and explosives. Some of the members of the survivors' network also became candidates in the election. This is a more than meaningful and hopeful sign.