Lavalier Microphone for Mobile Phone and PC

Rs. 1,099

  • The condenser clip microphone is not only suitable for singing or video with iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, iPad, Android smartphones, but also for PC, computer and camera (not for GoPro cameras). There are also adapters so you can use them with any device. Portable and easy to use. (Note: For IOS systems, only the original adapter cable can support recording function!)

  • It is very small and lightweight, there are also 3 different transformation cables so you can use it with more devices. There are also 2 metal clips and 2 foam covers. You can also simply attach it to your shirt and tie, or put it in your pocket.

  • Increase natural performance for clear and accurate voice reproduction to improve your experience. (Note that this clip microphone is not a voice amplifier, but suitable for voice playback, e.g. for voice recording.)

  • With a 2m long cable, you don't have to worry about it not long enough. You can hold your phone and open the microphone simply by placing it near others to record your words clearly.