Mangalsutra And Its Lesser Known Significances - Facet of Love

A wedding is a very auspicious function for everyone in the family and its importance is the same in every culture. Every culture has different wedding ornaments, in some cultures, the wedding ornament is a ring or a toe ring, or a nose ring, or even the bangles, but Mangalsutra is the most important wedding ornament in every Indian wedding function.

What is Mangalsutra?

Mangalsutra’s native word is “Mangalsutram”, and if we bifurcate the word then, the “Mangal” means auspicious, blessed, pure, and very prosperous, whereas the word “Sutram” means a thread. A Mangalsutra is mainly made from 3 parts, thread, black beads, and the gold thaali, in which the thread is dyed with turmeric and saffron paste.

The Mangalsutra is also known as the “Soubhagyalankar” in which, “Soubhagya” stands for the marital status of the woman and, Alankar stands for ornament. Mangalsutra is an ornament that tells everyone that the one who is wearing it is married.

Significance of a Mangalsutra

If you are living in a joint family with your parents-in-law and also grandparents-in-law, then you must be knowing that for our grandmas Mangalsutra is not just a neckpiece, for them, it is the most sacred ornament that their husband gifts them on their wedding day.

The groom places the Mangalsutra on the bride’s neck because it is a very sacred thread that is responsible for the well-being of the groom’s life and the bride is the one who is blessed with qualities and this is a thread of hope that they both will be together till death parts them up.

Traditionally, if you are aware then, at weddings the groom is supposed to tie 3 knots to the Mangalsutra in which the first knot defines the loyalty of the wife towards her husband, the second knot defines the loyalty toward the husband’s family and the third knot defines the devotion to God and praying him to protect this special bond. Well, in some cultures the second and third knots are tied by the groom’s sister as an acceptance. The wedding functions differ from culture to culture.

Mangalsutra is also a thread of promise of love, and affection and also to remind each other of the responsibilities of the husband and wife towards each other.   

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