Working of a full wave rectifier with a suitable LC filter

Here two diode are working alternatively to use both half cycles of the input. Use of transformer is essential here. Central tapped transformer is used.

When input ac supply is switched on the ends M and N of the secondary will of transformer becomes +ve and -ve alternatively. During the first positive half cycle of ac signal, terminal M is positive, the central tap C is at zero potential and N is -ve pot. Hence being forward biased, diode D1 conducts but at the same time being reverse biased, diode D2 does not conduct. And current flows along MD1GXYC. As a result positive half cycle of the voltage appears across R.

During the first negative half cycle of ac signal, current flows along MD2GXYC. Hence, both half cycles of the input ac supply are utilised. Also the frequency of the rectified output voltage is twice the supply voltage frequency.

This note is based on the topic full wave rectifier from MSC physics, Nepal.