Kageshwori Mahadev Temple is situated in Kageswori Manohara Municipality. The main deity is Lord Shiva named after crow as crow is glorified here as it has religious and environmental role. There is some stone images of Lord Shiva, Lord Ganesh and image of a crow standing on the pillar with a small pond surrounding the pillar. It is believed that if you go to Kageshwori Mahadev Temple, you will be freed from the touch of a crow. Also Devotees who have reached Gosainkunda have a tradition that the water brought from there should be offered to Kageshwori temple. A small waterfall behind the temple is great for bathing and chilling. One can reach upto Gagalphedi bus stop and walk 50 minutes or take a taxi or personal vehicle and have to walk 15mins stairs to reach to the temple. One can also take a small hike from Gagalphedi and enjoy its fresh air and small waterfalls on the way.