101 Forgotten Voices: Issue 1

During the conflict, the government and the rebels made extensive use of landmines and explosives. The ordinary people, security personnel and even the rebels themselves became victims. Many were killed, maimed and injured. In 2006, the government and the rebels signed a comprehensive peace agreement, pledging to resolve the issue of landmines and explosives. But almost 15 years after the peace agreement was signed, the government has not entered into the treaty, has not been able to solve the problems of the victims and has not been able to stop the accidents that have taken place at different times. That is why Ban Landmines Campaign Nepal (NCBL) has published the stories of victims of landmines and explosives under the title "101 Forgotten Voices". A collection of voices has been published with the aim of conveying the message for universalization of the treaty and make awareness of the importance of the accession of the the treaty. These voices are divided into various parts and will be published them gradually.