On 31 December 2021, a Small Grant Program for Livelihood (SGPL) was launched for the survivors of landmines, IEDs and other explosives. The leaders of survivors handed over the SG to the survivors from provinces, professional communities and ex-combatants to get involved in various professions and businesses to improve their living standards.

The core team members of Haamro Awaaz (HA) and Coordinators of provincial level and professional level are as follows.

Coordinator of HA- Krishna Bahadur Ghishing

Province No. 1 Prakash Kumar Basnet

Province No. 2 Idris Siddhiki

Province No. 3 Badri Chaulagai

Province No. 4 Dudhraj Officer

Province No. 5 Lilakhar Officer

Province No. 6 Harijang Shah

Province No. 7 Kali Bahadur Dharala

Nepal Army Hiramani Officer

Armed Police Arun Dhungana

Nepal Police (?)

The then rebel side: JB Lama