Custom tax for Arms and ammunition; parts and accessories in Nepal

In Nepal, custom duty for Military weapons, other than revolvers, pistols and the arms, Revolvers and pistol, Other firearms and similar devices which operate by the firing of an explosive charge (for example, sporting shotguns and rifles, muzzle-loading firearms, very pistols and other devices designed to project only signal flares, pistols and revolvers for firing blank ammunition, captive-bolt humane killers, line-throwing guns, Other arms (for example, spring, air or gas guns and pistols, truncheons, Bombs, grenades, torpedoes, mines, missiles, and similar munitions of war and parts thereof; cartridges and other ammunition and projectiles and parts thereof, including shot and cartridge wads, Swords, cutlasses, bayonets, lances and similar arms is 11.25% from SAARC countries and 80% from other countries.

See page 544 for more information