Subha's 3 months period at Impacters

Impacters, a program started with an objective to encourage young girls to join Computer Science and Technology by introducing various IT-based projects.

I am Subha Laxmi Maharjan, A Python and Data Enthusiast who enjoys and seeks to work in Data related fields and curious to know how AI and Machine Learning works.

Impacters has given me this valuable opportunity of Mentorship where I got to work in Machine Learning and guide a group of five amazing and energetic girls. During my interval I have been able to deliver my skills in these areas:

  • Web Scraping Nepali News Portals 
  • Named Entity Recognition for Nepali language.
  • Text Classification of Nepali News Articles.
  • Training a chatbot using a Natural Language Processing platform

i. Web Scraping Nepali News Portals

Web Scraping is the extraction of relevant information through the Web. We have extracted the News Title, Url and the News article from various Popular News Portals such as Ekantipur, Setopati, OnlineKhabar, Gorkhapatra and News of Nepal. We have collected the article to clean it and convert it into our training dataset.

ii. Named Entity Recognition for Nepali Language

Named Entity Recognition(NER), also known as Entity Extraction or Information Extraction that locates and classifies the named entities from a given unstructured text. Our NER model classifies the entities from our predefined categories such as Name, Location, Institution, Quantities and so on.

iii. Text Classification of Nepali News Articles

Text Classification or Text Categorization is the Classification of Text into certain predefined classes based on its context. Our Text Classification Model categorizes a document to our predefined classes such as Health, World, Education, Polities and so on.

iv. Training a chatbot using a Natural Language Processing Platform

We collected a list of training dataset selected from the web and trained our chatbot in a platform named

I would like to share a few things I have experienced during my internship period at Naya.

  • Working and Mentoring remotely
  • Machine Learning algorithms
  • Nepali Unicode Characters
  • Amazing tutorial sessions like git and github
  • Collecting, Cleaning and Converting raw data to training datasets i.e Data Preparation and Transformation
  • Reading and Using the documentation in the best way
  • Communication, Debugging and Team Work
  • Preparing Documentation and Reports

Experience is the teacher of all things, and they shape us to be who we are. I am very grateful to be a part of Impacters and Naya. I believe the learnings and takeaways from Impacters can be very beneficial to my future journey.