Software Development

Software Product Development Process at CodeTiburon

A typical project includes the following stages of software development:

analysis of project requirements;



product testing;

implementation and support.

At the stage of analysis, the goals and objectives of the project are formulated, the basic entities and the relationships between them are highlighted. That is, the basis for further system design is being created.

The requirements of the customer are fixed, but their formation is also carried out. The optimal solution to their problems is selected for customers, the necessary degree of automation is determined, and the most relevant business processes for automation are identified.

When analyzing the requirements, the terms and cost of software development are determined, the technical task for software development is formed and signed.

Any development is accompanied by a full documentation package, which includes a description of the system, user manuals and algorithms.

Implementing a system typically involves the following steps:

system installation

user training


Support for the functioning of the software should be provided by the technical support group of the developer. You can find more details in the material of our experts. Abstracts are presented to familiarize with the main stages of development.