NCWFS organized a provincial meeting on the possible program in provincial level on 4 February 2019. In that event local authority representatives, members of parliament and former parliamentarians have been participated. The NCWFS collected all recommendations from the women leaders are as follows:

¡ Province no. 1: Put efforts to make correction of the party

¡ Work for differently able people

¡ Province no. 2: Support the people in need such as Mushar community, conduct women health activities, such as safe and clean cooking stove

¡ Province no. 3: Publish women’s stories who contributed a lot to politics and society, develop political trainers, improve communication and information on our good the activities

 ¡ Organize national gathering of women communist leaders and show their competency in party and the government

¡ Work for adolescents and work against child marriage and violence against women

¡ Actively engage of women leaders to implement the constitution, to change the society and work against all form of exploitation and discrimination