Welcome Speech

Purna Shova Chitrakar

Chief guest Excellency Mr. Yang Houlan, President of this event and chancellor, former parliamentarians and political leaders, Honorary advisor Mrs. Ruan Wei and Chinese colleagues, historians, writers, intellectuals, Journalists, ladies and gentlemen, first of all I would like to welcome you all… Namaskar. I am very grateful to Nepal Academy giving us opportunity to organize this joint event and to all guests and participants who are supporting us in this event despite your busy time.

Every time I think about this friendship society, it reminds me of Nepali daughter Bhrikuti, Green Tara. I remember when my history teacher used to say, “Children, do you know when Brikuti married the Tibetan emperor Songtsän Gampo, this helped to improve relations between the countries greatly. Nepal China relation has been very good ever since.”

During the inauguration program for the Nepal-China women’s friendship society, we were glad when the chancellor said motioning toward us, “Before, there was only one Bhrikuti, but now Nepal has gained many more.” When I thought about it, this comparison adds a lot more duties and responsibilities on us.

I recently read a book entitled “Bhrikuti’s Wedding”. I found out through this book that not only did Bhrikuti help strengthen the bonds between our countries, she also worked for the religious, economic and cultural development between the two countries”

To this day there have been many people: historians, writers, who have searched for pieces of Bhrikuti’s life and accomplishments and put them all together to form a story we can also read and enjoy. I thank them all for what they have done.

We are working and learning and reworking what we have learnt. We are always glad to hear about China’s continuous progress. Nepal can learn a lot from China. Our country is still in the process of making our Constitution. We want to build a united and prosperous Nepal. We hope that China will continue to prosper.

The women in our society are said to be half the sky, half the earth. The Nepalese society celebrates women as deities as Saraswoti, Parbati, Laxmi, Bhagawati, Kali and so on. For a long time, however, the roles and activities of women to represent the Nepal-China relations have been cut short and so, we established this Society. Since establishment, we have successfully organized some programs. Time has brought us here again. We hope our guest speakers will encourage us to complete our endeavors with their support and suggestions.

We also already have good determination to move forward with our goals. As our poet, Laxmi Prasad Devkota said once in a poem, “Choose a goal like touching the moon”. He tells us to have a far-reaching goal. This line reminds us to keep our goal in sight and one day, reach it. We have felt that without the determination, no individual, no organization can function. We also know it is harmful to be over-expectant. We have discussedto organize food festivals; film shows related to social and economic growth, tourism development, exchange programs involving languages, music and dances and different programs related to women empowerment in the coming days.We are preparing to expand our network nationwide. We hope we can achieve these goals in the future.

There is a saying, “Little drops make a mighty ocean”, if there are many people doing the same thing success may be found. We hope we all can work together in the future. Finally, I would like to thank everyone present once more.

Thank you.

16th July 2012