Exchange Program between Chinese Writer's Association (CWA) & Nepal China Women Friendship Society (NCWFS) on 27 June 2016

Nepal China Women Friendship Society (NCWFS) organized an exchange program between the Chinese Writer's Association and NCWFS in Kathmandu on 27 June 2016. On the occasion of the event the head of delegation Mr. Peng Xue Ming delivered a speech. He said," Our literary and cultural relationship should be as faster as a train, like express train. This friendship ties up the friendship between the two countries from people's level". He shared experienced that he met his own sisters in his home town. When he visit Maya Devi Temple in Lumbini he became more emotional. 

On behalf of NCWFS the chairperson Ms. Purna Shova Chitrakar warmly welcomed the distinguished guests and said,' Now Nepal is republic and Nepal has new constitution. In this changing situation everybody's priority is building prosperous Nepal. China has quite big experience of economic building as it is spreading its business worldwide. To change the society/country the writers have big power. The power is in their pens. Therefore NCWFS took this opportunity to know each other. We have many hopes of sharing experiences through writers in the coming future to make Nepal as prosperous country and to strengthen relation between from people's level."

In this event the guests, Mr. Zhang Bing, 1st Secretary, Embassy of People's Republic of China (Cultural Sector), Vice Chancellor Dr. Bishnu Bibhu Ghimire, Secretary General Dr. Jibendra Dev Giri from Nepal Academy, writers from China Ms. Lin Lan, Mr Gao Kai, Mr Gao Wei, Mr. Xu Wei Feng, writers from Nepal Ms. Maya Thakuri, Ms. Bhagirathi Shrestha, Ms. Rajani Dhakal, executive board members of NCWFS Ms. Sumitra Joshi, Ms. Kamala Shrestha, Ms Mina Bajracharya, Ms Pratisara Sayami were participated. Chief Editor of Nagarik daily Mr. Guna Raj Luitel and Phool Man Bala journalist from Kantipur vernacular daily were participated. Vice Chairperson of NCWFS Ms. Sulochana Manandhar Dital welcomed to the all distinguished guests.