NCWFS celebrated International Women's Day 8 March International women' s Day 2015. 

Chief guest Honorable Minister Radha Gyanwali and especial guest ……Chief Political council for Chinese Embassy delivered the message on that occasion.

Full version of Political councilor: 

Respectable distinguished first of all l would like to express heartily greetings to all on the occasion of International Women’s Day and warmly welcome to this reception.

Nepal and China are naturally beautiful and rich countries. On the occasion of this day I would like to recall of my visit to China in last December. I experienced that the development work in China is much ahead compared to Nepal and currently putting a lot of efforts to recover the gap between rich and poor. 

In Nepal many people are talking about the possibilities of hydropower, tourism, scientific agriculture, investing in highways and other big infrastructures. These are however only ideas and we are yet to see them being implemented. We hope that Nepal will be able to put its efforts to adopt big changes in the coming future by learning from countries like China.

We believe that government to government, parties to parties and people to peoples relations between Nepal and China should be strengthened to benefit people of both Nepal and China.

Nepal China Women Friendship Society is organizing various events since its establishment. We hope these events will give opportunity to all of us to enhance our relationship and give us a platform to share our ideas for future development. Once again, I would like to welcome you all to this reception.