NCWFS organized a meeting with members of parliament to discuss on possibilities and challenges of villages in boarder of Nepal and China. 


• These villages are the source of organic spices, grains and herbals(l6Da'/, a];f/, cb'jf, sf]bf], kmfkm/, hf}, ds}, cfn, l;jsyf]g / h"; cflb kfpF5

• These villages are on the way to Kailash Mansarobar, 

• Mustang, Manang and Solu are famous districts for tourism

• Chhorten Gumba, Muktinath, ancient houses with gumbas, religious (pilgrim) spots, around one thousand old cultural heritages

• Unique type of cultural, social and economic life

• Raise of political awareness


• Problems:

• Lack of easy health accessibility. Women have prolapsed problem.

• One of source of income is making alcohol

• Lack of education

• Traditional rituals which prevent women to work outside of house in Brahmin and Chhetri families. 

• Lack of development plan