Visit Chitwan: Home of one-horned rhinos

Getting there: A 20 minutes flight or 7 hours bus ride away from Kathmandu. Take the tourist bus, if you decide to take the bus. The tourist bus leaves at 7:00 AM from Kantipath, ~15 mins walk from Thamel.

Take a jeep safari Take a jeep safari through Chitwan National Park, the first national park in Nepal. You can either take a short tour (4 hours) or a full day safari. The full day safari starts in the morning and will take you deeper in the jungle. You will see deers, various birds, one-horned rhinos and tigers, if you are lucky.

Important: Do not wear bright colours on safari!

Go canoeing/bird watching Take a early morning conoe ride that will take you through the shores of the Narayani river. You will see beautiful birds and crocodiles lazying around the river. You are accompanied by a guide who will tell you about the animals.

Experience Tharu culture Take an excursion that offers you an insight into the daily life of the Tharus, the original tribe of the region. Learn about the local people, culture, tradition, religion and heritage.

What not to do Please do not take elephant safaris. These elephants are not treated nicely, are underfed and overworked. Be a responsible tourist and take a jeep safari instead.

Where to stay: Sapana Village Lodge ( It's very pretty, especially in the evenings, and they are also supporting the community around them. They also offer various activities and excursions to make your life easier. It might be possible to get a discount. Let me know if you are interested.

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