Tulsi speaks about WODES GCE program!

WODES in collaboration with NCBL organized advocacy events on 2nd December 2018 in Emilia Secondary School and Nepal Rastriya Adarbhut School, Gorusinge, Kapilbastu. During the events WODES's member and Girl Child Education Alumni Ms. Tulsi Darji gave a speech to the students. She is such an inspiration for girls and girls with disabilities. Here's her speech at the event translated into English:

"My name is Tulsi Darji. I belong to a Dalit and poor community. I am missing a leg.

During the time of conflict in Nepal, my house was about fifteen meters away from an army barrack. To protect themselves from the then rebels, the army placed a lot of landmines around their barrack. On a sad day of 8th May 2005, some of our goats crossed the barbed fences and entered the barrack. I had to fetch them so I ran after them into the barrack and stepped on a landmine. I lost my left leg. At that time I was eight years old and was studying in grade two.

The days after the accident were painful! I used to ask my parents if I was ever going to get my leg back. I cried everyday knowing I would never be the same again. I felt hopeless.

Soon more problems appeared. Without my leg it was difficult for me to do anything. It was difficult for me to move around, play, take care of daily chores or take care of our goats. I couldn't help my parents much, which meant more financial strain on them and soon it would be difficult for them to send me to school. Luckily I met representatives from Women Development Society (WODES) who were swift to support my educational expenses from grade 2 to Bachelors 1st year - for 10 years!

I am currently a proud member of WODES. WODES has given me so many opportunities, in and outside school education. WODES has empowered me through many capacity building training, experience sharing programs and various national and international events. They have made me realize the importance and power of education and social engagement. I therefore want to help WODES out in their endeavors in any way I can for the upliftment of girls and girls with disabilities. I hope WODES's grows to support many more girls in the future."