What not to miss in Nepal

Tea or as the locals Call it, Chia. Try to find a local tea shop if you can. Recommended: Mama's Tea Shop at Basantapur.

Food: - Typical Nepali meal of Dal Bhat (rice and lentils, Thali at Thakali would be a luxury version of Dal Bhat) - Typical Newari food like chatamari, woh and choyla - Momo (like dumplings but better. There are many types of momos: steam, fried, kothey, open, c (as in chilli). I personally like kothey and c - Sekuwa (grilled buffalo meat) - Thukpa - Kheer (rice pudding) - Sizzler (not traditional Nepali food but I haven’t seen it anywhere else yet).

Local alcohol: You can find local beers and wine in many of the restaurants. If you want to try really local alcohol, go for Rakshi or Chyang (rice wine) or even tungba.