Kal Mochan Temple

I took this photo one week before the earthquake in April 2015. It is collapsed from the earthquake.

This temple is called Kalmochan temple, was a part of the Durbar complex. It was built around the mid-19th century outside the walls. It was built in the Moghul Kathmandu-Gothic architecture style and has Mughal art and Nepali art. It is also known as Janga Hiranya Hemnarayan mandir. It is located at kalmochan ghat in Thapathali. It was built by Rana prime minister Jung Bahadur Rana. He named it after his two wives Hiranya Garbha and Hem, whereas Narayan means god Bishnu. He built this temple to attain inner peace (mochan) as he was involved in many murders. It is believed that Jung Bahadur Rana had buried the dead bodies of people who died in Kot (Arsenal) Parva (massacre) under this temple.{wiki}