Coder Girls 2018: Getting Started with Robotics!

Programmable robotic systems are becoming an important part of industrial developments. Not only are the robots being used to carry out different errands, they are also being developed to sense changes in their surroundings and respond accordingly.

Students, researchers and professionals around the world are doing enormous amounts of work to further the domain of robotics. From rescue operations to industrial operations, bots are slowly becoming an integral part of human life. In a country like Nepal, where resources are extremely limited, robots can bring precision, power and consistency to provide solutions for sustainable development challenges. We need specialized robots that are efficient, economic and sustainable in the context of Nepal. Unfortunately, University/College programs in Nepal are largely theoretical and rarely provide any hands-on experience to the students. The upcoming third session of the Coder Girls Program will try to address this issue by providing selected girls with hands-on experience in building and programming small bots. The idea of the Coder Girls Program is to start a movement that encourages college girls to innovate in the field of robotics by teaching them the basics to get started.

In our “Getting Started with Robotics” workshop, participants will use the BBC micro:bit to develop mini bots that can be remotely controlled to compete in a football match. Naya invites girls - students or professional - to participate in the Coder Girls program either as a participant or a mentor. This is your opportunity to learn, work and compete with girls from various backgrounds!

Application closed for the 2018 session

For more idea on micro:bit:… http://microbit-micropython.readthedocs.…………