|| Khandeshwori School ||

After 27hours of bus ride and 2days hike to the beautiful village of Khandeshwori, Darchula . Looks like another state or land where people have their own culture and way of living.

Along with #Bookmandu Nepal, visited the school on the elevation of 2310m. Where 300+ students study. The place is just magical as it is seen only after a full day straight vertical hike of a hill from Makkargaad and all the tiredness wears off after reaching the top of the hill. The village is seen beyond the clouds. No one would ever imaging there would be a village there and well actually people living there. No one until you reach there and see it yourself.

Cool air, with the sensational view of Mt. Api and well feels like country beyond #clouds . And how awesome it would be staying and studying in palaces like that.

Well i am dreaming up to live there and well teach kids as well. How i wish too. Hehe. 😊