Nepali News Application powered by APIs

Keeping up with the latest news in Nepal can be overwhelming, with numerous news outlets publishing articles every few minutes. At Naya we recognize that it can be challenging to stay informed amidst the constant influx of news. That's why we've created the "Naya News" web app to do the hard work for you. Our app automatically scours multiple reliable Nepali news sources, clusters similar news into one thread, and presents them to you in an easily digestible format.

Our app leverages the computing power of's APIs to fetch and classify the news from various trustworthy sources. The APIs provided by are designed to think and act independently, allowing the system to read and understand text. For this particular use case, Naya has taught the system to fetch, cluster, and categorize news, ensuring that you stay up-to-date with the latest happenings in Nepal.

If you are interested in the app you can try it out here: