Problems associated with poultry production in Nepal

Poultry industry is an emerging industry in Nepal. This can be approved by the increase in the poultry production and the preference of consumers in adopting poultry products. However these poultry products and the industry itself are not satisfactory in global context. There are many obstacles that hinder the improved production of poultry to meet the national demand. The major reasons for this are listed below.

1. Lack of modern laboratories regarding the disease diagnosis 2.Disproportionate and uncertain market price of Chicken produce, the poor marketing system 3.Poor management and other support facilities 4.Shrinking feed resources and lack of quality feed ingredients 5.Wrong types of chicken and indiscriminate breeding practices 6.Inaccurate budgeting 7.Lack of proper government policies 8.Unawareness of the farmers and follow of conventional system 9.Small farm holding and secondary priority of the farmers and subsistence production of poultry 10.Danger of various known and unknown disease and poor bio-security measures 11.Development of urban centralized farms 12.Lack of manpower

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