Rato Machhendranath - Surrounding

Bungamati is the birthplace of Rato Machhendranath, the patron god of Patan, and for six months of the year the deity resides in the enormous shikhara in the main village square (he spends the rest of his time at the Rato Machhendranath Temple in Patan). The process of moving him backwards and forwards between Patan and Bungamati is central to one of the most important festivals in the valley.

The chowk around the temple is one of the most beautiful in the Kathmandu Valley – here you can see the beating heart of a functioning Newari town. With various small chaitays around the temple., inscriptions carved beautifully with wooden & stone crafts beautify the surrounding. The back side of the temple of Rato Macchendranath is three storage Hayangrib Bhairab Temple.