Taa Bahal

Kritipunya Bajradhatu Mahabihar also known as Taa Bahal. A quiet court yard or a locality located in Lagan in Golpha Marg, Kathmandu. The square compound where the Stupas and Chaityas are surrounded with all the residence and neighborhoods. Ta Bahal is a courtyard in the old center of Kathmandu, with a whole range of Buddha statues.

The Bahal consist of many chaityas more than dozen of them and with and cool neighborhood and people basking in the sun, laying in the compound of the bahal basking in the sun. The main central stupa which is of three stages in the top stage rest the main stupa in the lotus flower and in the first stage of the stupa are four other small chaitya stupas in the four corners of the main stupa. The most amazing part of Ta Bahal are the chaityas which are of various kinds each one different from another and eye-popping designs.