Barha Barse Pachali Bhairav Khadga Siddhi Jatra

The festival of Pachali Bhairav is celebrated in Kathmandu on Vijaya Dashami once in every twelve years. It is also known as "Barha Barse Pachali Bhairav Khadga Siddhi Jatra” in local Nepali language. During the festival, Lord Bhairav exchanges the Royal Khadga four times in the ritual. The ritual is performed by the head of the state. In the past, the ritual of Khadga Siddhi (exchange of the swords) was done in front of Kasthamandap Temple with the Kings to transfer the divine power to the former king but after the declaration of Loktantra in Nepal, the ceremony is performed by the President.

According to most of the chronicles, the festival is said to be started by the Thakuri King Gunakamadev (924-1008 A.D.). The god is, in the Newari imagination, very much associated with the founding of Kathmandu because King Gunakamadev is believed to have founded both the city and the festival of Bhairav.

In a story where Bhairav was not a king but a farmer. He walked with his daughter Kumari and his son Ganesh during the festival of Indra. His wife Ajima was jealous because she was not with them and asked him to stroll with her around Kathmandu. He agreed but not during the Indra Jatra and that is why a procession is held where a man chosen to wear the mask of Bhairav and another person wearing a mask of Ajima walk together through Kathmandu during the Pachali Bhairav festival. The procession of Kumari, the virgin goddess is accompanied by Ganesh and Bhairav during the Indra Jatra but in this context, Bhairav resembles a small boy of the Buddhist Shakya caste.

In this festival 13 different Hindu goddess are worshiped. People offer different pujas and offering in this ceremony. Animals like ducks, goats and buffalos are also sacrificed in this festival as "Bali Puja".

Names of all god and goddess 1. Mahalaxmi (orange, three eyes) 2. Ganesh (white, three eyes) 3. Bramhayani (white, U shape tika) 4. Rudrayani (white, three eyes) 5. Kaumari (red, marks on cheeks) 6. Narayani (green, U shape tika) 7. Barahi (red, pig's nose, eye tika) 8. Manamayju (Indrayani, horizontal eye tika) 9. Kali (blue/red, wrinked face with eight points) 10. Bhiarav (blue, big eyes, big face) 11. Singhini (white, lion- faced) 12. Bhangini (orange, tiger-faced) 13. Swait Bhairav (white, looks like Shiva, comes out only occasionally).

Shree Pachali Bhairav Khadga Siddhi Jatra, which is celebrated once every 12 years is observed this year in the Kathmandu valley on the tenth day of Dashain. Nepal. 7th October 2011. The year due to political scenario neither former King Gyanendra nor President Dr. Ram Baran Yadav visited the procession.The festival continue for at least 15 days to conclude this year's procession by visiting different places of Kathmandu city.