is a Sanskrit word generally meaning a gateway. The unique part about the Toran structure is that is gracefully hangs out with many religious figures set above offering on lookers a fairly good view to look at, which locals bow down to show their respect. it is the most fascinating feature of the Nepalese temple architecture. Toran is basically semicircular in form & placed above the temple doorway attractively represents a very impressive display of the temple artistry at its best. Most of the Torans are mode of wood & stone & some brass with artistic designs & decorations usually have the figure of the respective temple deities placed right in the middle with great distinction.

The most facinating figures that seems to dominate the structure of Toran are two mythical Alligators unsually known as "Hitimang or Makar", The mouth of Varun or Yachhyaraj "God of Water World" placed on either side of the Toran and of course above them a "Cheppu", the mythical sea-monster or "Garud", the mythical bird king with enormous wings as the great carrier of Lord Vishnu on the top of Toran.

Two little mermaids symbolize prosperity. They are often identified with two river goddes Ganga and Jamuna.

The upturning snouts of Makar's indicates the ultimate goal of every mortal being which is obviously external peace in heaven. The spirals down swirling towards the sky from the tails of Makar symbolize the water already evaporated by the heat of the sun. This shows that the life we live here is very short and hence very illusive.