Welcome to naya.com.np (version 2).

After months of hard work, we are now releasing version 2 of our website. This version of http://naya.com.np runs on a much stronger backend and a very intuitive frontend UI.

With this new version you can use the language settings on the top bar to type in Nepali, for example: नेपालीमा पनि type गर्न मिल्छ ।

Typing is not limited to English->Unicode Nepali. You can also type in Preeti, which is directly converted to Unicode Nepali. With these features you can create conversations with your Nepali friends in our own Nepali language. You can also post directly to your Facebook wall. No need to copy and paste!

Another highly requested feature we are releasing with this version is the "bulk upload" feature. With this feature you can upload multiple files, like in this post, at the same time therefore making grouping of related files much easier.

There are tons of features that are up right now. Please login, look around and have fun. If you find any bug in our pages, please report it to us. It will help us improve our system. You can report bugs by commenting on this post.

Thank you all, The naya.com.np Team