Pulu Kisi ~ Indra Jatra

God of Rain, Indra's vahan, Pulu Kisi "पुलु किसी", is the elephant, Airavat (ऐरावत हात्ती). The elephant-shaped mask is kept at Kilagal, Kathmandu, Nepal and is taken out in the festival of Indrajatra. Myths has it that Airavat had searched vigorously for Indra, who was tied up by the jyapus of Kathmandu when in pursuit of a blue-mimosa (Parijat flower). And since then, in every Indra_jatra the elephant runs with passion in different localities of the inner city of Kathmandu.

Pulu Kisi goes through the streets of the ancient city Kathmandu in search of his imprisoned master, Indra. Pulu Kisi comes with the team of musical groups and go around the street doing naughty and mischievous things by running, swinging its tail in an amazing manner which makes people excited and laugh.