Naya's English to Nepali Converter Plugin

Here at Naya we believe that innovation is the key to the betterment of ... well everything. Innovation is a key strategic driver at our Company. We are constantly exploring new features and solutions that make our lives a little bit better. Keeping innovation in mind, Naya has been experimenting on a simple "English to Nepali language converter" plugin that can be embedded into any web scenario. This plugin allows you to convert any web input text field in your website or application into a dynamic field that converts its content automatically from English to Unicode Nepali (Romanized). For example: "hamro" is automatically converted to "हाम्रो", or "nepal" is converted to "नेपाल". A sentence "Nepalika lagi nayako euta upahaar.", would be converted to "नेपालीका लागि नयाको एउटा उपहार ।"


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