Girl Child Education Program

A joint effort by Women Development Society (WODES) and Ban Landmines Campaign Nepal (NCBL). Support the Girl Child. Build our Prosperous and Peaceful Nepal.

History of the Girl Child Education Program

In 1996, conflict broke out in Nepal. The terror that spread in the remote districts had severe consequences for the entire country. For the youth of Nepalese society, childhood was stolen, innocence lost and formal education inaccessible. Despite the terror all around, the Women Development Society and Ban Landmines Campaign Nepal continued to provide the community support they had been implementing since 1991. In 1998, the organization began the Girl Child Education Program providing a scholarship to one conflict victim girl. Gradually with increased support the program has blossomed now sending around 200 girls to school every year.

Why Focus on Girl’s Education?

Education is an essential right entitled to both girls and boys. However WODES and the NCBL lay emphasis on educating the girl child. Within Nepalese society exist social norms that marginalize girls at the expense of boys. Parents place the responsibility to earn and look after them in old age on their sons. They choose to educate their sons rather than their daughters who are expected to depart from their parents after marriage. This results in women having to depend on their husbands in marriage due to a lack of education. WODES and the NCBL believe that the cycle of dependency must end now and in order to accomplish this goal we must prioritize educational opportunities to the girl child.

More info about the program?

We have put online a video documentary on conflict victim children titled "Ujyalotira" (Towards the Light). This documentary contains stories of some of our girls and WODES/NCBL's efforts to educate them.………