Version 3.0 Release Notes is constantly working towards improving your online experience. We are thus delighted to announce version 3.0 of There are many changes in this update. Following are the most notable ones.


We have completely redesigned the website. Naya is now beautiful, clean and more structured. This version focuses a lot on providing easy access to the features you frequently use while at the same time stays minimal, clean and efficient. The color tones have been carefully chosen to improve readability of your articles.


We have moved from the plain old MySql database and php backend routine to a much faster and highly scalable infrastructure. We are now using Node.js (Sails.js) as our backend and neo4j database. The new routine thus provides us with speed, great data processing power and reliable real-time environment.


We have drastically improved our support for the Nepali language. All the reported bugs for unicode conversion are fixed. You can also perform bulk conversion from preeti text to Nepali unicode.

Popular today algorithm

We received few comments on how our "popular today" algorithm was harsh on newly arrived posts. We have improved our algorithm to provide better scaling to these posts.

This update is huge and to summarize everything here would be difficult. Please feel free to look around and enjoy the new features. If you have any comments and suggestions please leave a comment on this post.

Thank you all, The Team