Coder Girls: Internship Program

Empowering programmer girls through real-world based practical education: Women Development Society (WODES, and Naya Yatra Pvt. Ltd. ( is introducing a 3 month internship program on Javascript /Web development for coder girls. This program is as per WODES & Naya's commitment to inspire girls into computer programming. We aspire to change the way people look at girls in technological fields. During this program you will learn Javascript and related application development tools.

Why Javascript?

Javascript is one of the most used programming platforms in the world. It was most commonly used as a client-side script that interacts with the user, controls the browser, communicates with the server and alters the DOM. However with the advent of Node.js, Javascript is much more than a client-side script. It can also be used as a server-side network programming platform.

Possible applications: Web UI, server programming, games development, desktop and mobile applications development

Structure of the program

The internship program can be broken down into 2 phases:

Phase I. (1 month) Education: In this phase you will learn the basics of Javascript and practice in virtual environments.

Phase II. (2 months) Implementation: In this phase you will implement your knowledge in real-world programming scenarios. You will join the Naya group to build applications that cater to the needs of real-life businesses. This will provide you with knowledge and experience that cannot be achieved through theory lessons.

How to apply?

We are looking for girls who love programming and want to improve their abilities by training in a real world scenario.

Application form: New sessions are currently unavailable. Please check back later. Company location:

Only selected candidates will be chosen for this internship program.