Text Formatting Options to Start Your Own Blogs

Starting your blog at naya.com.np is now easy and elegant. There are hidden text formatting features. We are releasing them today. First of all you can set the title of your blog like this post does. You can also bold or italicize a phrase. Or if you are quoting someone, why not quote them in a blockquote? Improves the focus right?With the new update you can also adjust the authentic feel of your posts by adding footnotes, for example: [I just cited a source that now makes this post look elegant and authentic.]. र नेपालीमा टाइप गर्ने ओप्शन त छँदै छ [नेपालीमा टाइप गर्दा पनि फूत्नोट त राख्न मिलिहाल्छ] । Or put links in the footenote [http://naya.com.np/?p=user.naya… ].

⇣ Please check the attached picture to learn how to text format your posts.