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Hi there, I'm Naya Yatra and I joined Naya 2014-01-29T01:19:01Z.
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Naya Yatra Pvt Ltd. (naya) in collaboration with Women Development Society (WODES) provides training/internship opportunity for 20 selected girls through the 'Coder Girls Program' this year. The 3 month rigorous course on Javascript is as per WODES & Naya's commitment to inspire girls into computer programming. On 24, 25 August 2015, participant girls from group 1 presented a demo of their final project. The project explored the possibility of creating an inexpensive interactive whiteboard which ...
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Naya Yatra posted an update

Here at Naya we believe that innovation is the key to the betterment of ... well everything. Innovation is a key strategic driver at our Company. We are constantly exploring new features and solutions that make our lives a little bit better. Keeping innovation in mind, Naya has been experimenting on a simple "English to Nepali language converter" plugin that can be embedded into any web scenario. This plugin allows you to *+convert any ...
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Udeep Shakya, developer at Naya, conducting javascript lessons for the "Coder Girls" program.
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JavaScript is undoubtedly the most essential web programming language. The web is full of great examples of JavaScript being used to bring a website to life and provide great user experiences.[http://www.creativebloq.com/web-design/examples-of-javascript-1233964] However, the importance of JavaScript is usually undermined as it is understood merely as a "UI enhancer". **JavaScript is notorious for being the world's most misunderstood programming language. While often derided as a toy, beneath its deceptive simplicity lie some powerful language features, one ...
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Empowering programmer girls through real-world based practical education: Women Development Society (WODES, wodes.org.np) and Naya Yatra Pvt. Ltd. (naya.com.np) is introducing a 3 month internship program on Javascript /Web development for coder girls. This program is as per WODES & Naya's commitment to inspire girls into computer programming. We aspire to change the way people look at girls in technological fields. During this program you will learn Javascript and related application development tools.

Why Javascript?

Javascript is
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